The Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius Brings Clarity

Fortunately, Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny link up in Taurus on June 1. This is one of the luckiest days of the year. And, being that the planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, it’s one of the most fortuitous, advantageous, and prosperous moments of 2023. June 1’s lovely sentiments make the full moon abundant with positive vibes. The day before the full moon, Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow (from the retrograde that lasted from April 21 to May 14) clears. The Mercurial component is relevant, since it’s the planetary ruler of Gemini (the sign that the sun is in). With retroshade ending on June 2, this lunation is going to make our fantasies real. June 4 brings Mercury and Uranus together in the zodiac sign Taurus, making it an exciting and inspiring day to show off our progress. 

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